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This online form allows bidders to submit Live Telephone and Absentee Bids for upcoming auctions. Please complete and submit this form if you wish to submit Live Telephone or Absentee Bids.

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About Live Telephone and Absentee Bids

Live Telephone Bid:
A representative calls you by telephone during the live auction (just prior to the lot coming up). You are live on the phone with your bidding representative while the lot is being sold. The representative informs you of the current bid and you communicate your bid instructions real-time via phone with representative. If bidding by telephone, please make certain you are available by phone during the auction. You may leave backup bids to be executed by the representative in the case you cannot be reached by phone.

Absentee Bid:
You provide your maximum bids now, ahead of the auction. Absentee bids are very useful if you will not be available during the live auction. Absentee bids are only executed against competing bids and only to the increment necessary to win the lot. (Example: If you leave an absentee bid of $5000 on a given lot and the lot ultimately only requires a competitive winning bid of $3700 - you are successful at $3700). You are also able to execute absentee bids via the online bidding catalog.
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Off-bid increment bids will be rounded to the nearest increment.
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