Shipping & Local Pickup Procedure / Information

The following information outlines shipping and local pickup process, policy, and procedure. 

Unless you are local to the auction gallery, we will automatically assume all items purchased will require shipping.

Items Being Shipped:

Items requiring shipment will be shipped by Omnia's in-house shipping department or in some cases a 3rd party shipping agent.

  • In-House / Shipping Charge Included on Invoice: In most cases you will see a shipping charge included on your invoice. This indicates we are shipping your items in-house. Once the invoice is paid, your invoice will be released to our shipping department. They will then pack and ship your items. No action is required on your part for the shipment of your items.
  • 3rd Party: Although best-effort is made to ship items in-house, those considered over-size, fragile, framed or complex may be outsourced to a 3rd party shipping agent. In the case your invoice is designated for 3rd party, you will see a note on your invoice. You do not need to take any action for your 3rd party shipping, we will automatically turn these items over to one of our 3rd party shipping agents and they will contact you to organize the shipping.
  • Complex or Invoices Having Many Items: If your purchase is considered complex or we feel it needs to be packed prior to quoting your shipping, you will not see a shipping charge on your invoice. In this case, we ask you please pay your auction invoice. We will then release the paid invoice to our shipping department. The shipping department will pack, measure, and weigh your shipment. Once we have accurate shipment information, we will contact you to collect the shipping charge. If this applies to you, you will see a note on the invoice.

- If payment is made by credit card, the items must mail to the verified billing address associated to the card used for payment (as provided by the card issuer).

- Please allow up to 14 business days after receipt of cleared invoice payment for purchases to be packaged for shipping. 

- Domestic shipments are insured, sent by traceable service, and require a signature.

- International Shipments are sent by traceable service, require a signature, and cannot be insured. International shipments are sent at the Buyers' risk.

- Customers receive an email with shipment tracking when the shipping label is generated.

- Depending on the item being shipped, shipments may be sent by USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

- Omnia must be notified of shipping claims, damage or loss within 7 days of receipt.

Local Pickup:

Buyers are able to pick their items up in person from Omnia's Gallery: 1668 Capital Circle SE., Tallahassee FL 32301. All local pickups are by appointment and must take place within 15 days of the auction. Please contact the gallery if you are planning in-person pickup.

Buyer Arranged Transport:

Buyers are always welcome to organize their own shipping. We ask those wanting to organize their own shipping to please contact the gallery to coordinate. 

Shipping Exceptions & Questions:

For any questions regarding our shipping process or procedure, please submit a shipping inquiry form.